Monday, January 12, 2009


Does anyone who's reading this know how to get a new layout??? I should say a pretty one? Like I've said before I'm new to this blog I used to have a journal on aol but they let theres go.... So any help would be great!


  1. Hi Faye Ann!
    I have a freebie blog set on my blog and a few urls to other places where you can download free ones. If you find one you like and need help adding it - Holler - I'll be glad to help. Hugs to you. TJ

  2. What she said. *giggles* While you're on your blog and logged in, click on Dashboard or Customize, at the top right. Then look for Layout, on the left. Then look for Pick New Template. You can choose one of those. And you can alter those as well (like TJ said). Oh, on TJ's blog, I believe when you scroll all the way to the bottom, across the bottom, there's a link to a gal who also makes blog sets, Shel's Scraps. Well, she has free instructions on how to add those blog sets to your blog. I hope this helps. You know where to find me. HUGS!

  3. Don't forget the e-mail I sent you. Offer is still open. Just holler . Hugs your way... TammyJo aka *TJ*


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